This bad board is my problem. I … I have IR Blaster and able to control my TV and Cable box. [http://|]. oldturkey03. This sensor is located on the bottom left or right of your TV and is the size of your thumb. Discussion in 'LCD & LED LCD TVs Forum' started by mountaindew, Aug 1, 2018. Terms — My Harmony and Comcast remotes both use IR to control the TV and that is where the problem lies. I forgot that the Original TV remote is paired with bluetooth so it is not using the IR commands. The IR sensor of the TV is normally located either on the bottom left or bottom right of the TV. I have unplugged the TV and restarted it. Two screws and a small connector. Any other ideas? First: Visit Here: 3655-0012-0189 (0171-1671-0612) Vizio IR Sensor Second: Replace the defective IR sensor with our NEW one and you have a working TV again! I have done the "power cycle" and have managed to to the reset thru the TV's menu. It take about 15 minutes to raise the volume 2 clicks and the is not a manual button on this TV for audio, only power. I am assuming left side near LED? Do not cut the leads of the new sensor but it must be removed from the replacement board. Where is the sensor located? The IR sensor on Vizio TVs is located on either the lower left corner or the lower right (usually the former) of the TV’s bezel. I have a similar visio soundbar and thats the code i use. Also if I use the dish programmed remote there is no problem. $14.95. Vizio 3632-0022-0189 (0171-1671-0581) IR Remote Sensor VO420E VL420M VL470M. Infrared issues aren't brand-specific – whether you've got a Sony, a Vizio or an LG TV, remote sensor problems often boil down to a few common causes. Nikia amann. For the SV472XVT TV this part is mostly unavailable. But people need to help in order for your TV to respond. I can control TV using the left side manual controls but no longer with the remote. ---Part number can be found on the sticker.--- Vizio 3642-0162-0189 (0171-1671-0712) IR Sensor Depending on the TV model, the IR sensor may be located on the left, right, or center of the bottom bezel. I had this problem for a decade. Many Android smartphones today come equipped with what’s called an IR blaster, a module that lets the phone send out infrared … I am unable to control the volume. I can't find the sweet spot. I haven't reset to factory defaults because the picture is calibrated and very good. Press J to jump to the feed. I am assuming left side near LED? If you order a used one, there is a good chance you will deal with the same issue in a month or two. Both remotes (vizio and tivo) are still working. Vizio 3632-0022-0189 (0171-1671-0581) IR Remote Sensor VO420E VL420M VL470M. VIZIO E600i-B3 Remote/IR sensor issue I've got a VIZIO E600i-B3 TV just over a year ago and the remote control of the TV has completely stopped working. I tried with a flashlight and I am pretty sure I am in the right spot. It worked perfect. $14.95. I am having problems Note: not all phone cameras are able to detect infrared light. The blaster literally fills your room with the ir code. Dish Network which is called Dish for short. However, since I tried unsuccessfully to program a Comcast universal remote I have concluded it is the TV IR sensor and not the remote. Many TVs have a light sensor and an IR sensor. Here is where the fun part starts. Ron, Having same problem with my E3D470VX model no remote will work will aslo look into replacment of ir board, 11/27/2016 by