)\">'); classic children's comic annuals - all in very good condition Featuring; The Beano, Dennis the Menace, The Dandy and the Beezer from 1980's and 1990's Well looked after annuals Collect from Wokingham, Besrkshire. In Mar 2010 an original owner copy in high grade with the free gift sold on eBay UK for £387, the highest price that I know of so far. This made it difficult to store and keep flat so many have a horizontal fold across the middle. A companion comic to Topper which itself came out in 1953 and of similar large tabloid size. Find the value of the DC Thomson comic Beezer volume 1. The Beezer comic x 45 Bundle - 1982-85 job lot. document.write('Newsletter Subscribe
(news & exclusive offers)'); Phil is very expert in all things Dandy and Beano, Beezer and Topper. Rare Adventure Comics Feedback: 129 0. Asking price: €4. What better place to find British comics on the Internet than BritishComics.com? BARGAIN set of 88 Beezer and Topper comics from 1980 - 1994. Default sortingSort by popularitySort by latestSort by price: low to highSort by price: high to low. var nam = "unsubscribe"; var nam = "subscribe"; document.write(', , , The Book Palace | Rare Books, Comics & Ephemera | Comics | Original British Comics |  BEEZER Rare Comics, Jean Giraud Moebius Présente LAZLO PARKER (Limited Edition), Fleetway Picture Library Classics: PIRATE TALES featuring the art of Mendoza, Bunn, Forrest and Millar Watt (Limited Edition), Fleetway Picture Library Classics: WESTERNS featuring the art of Giovannini (Limited Edition), A Princess of Mars (Leatherbound Deluxe Manuscript Edition) (Signed) (Limited Edition), The Rise and Fall of the Trigan Empire Volume 2 (Special Deluxe Edition) (Limited Edition), Illustration (USA magazine) issue number sixty eight (Austin Briggs special issue), Illustration (USA magazine) issue number sixty nine, Le Pater: Alphonse Mucha's Symbolist Masterpiece and the Lineage of Mysticism, The Art of Reginald Heade – Volume 1 – Special Edition, The Art of Reginald Heade – Volume 2 – Special Edition, Crime Comics (illustrators Special Edition), Cover Me – The Vintage Art of Pan Books: 1950-1965, The Modesty Blaise Companion Expanded Edition (Limited Edition), highly collectable, beautifully illustrated, historical cigarette & tea cards from 1905 onwards. If you go to beezer.com and click on "sign up for free", you can trial this service. var domn2 = ".com"; Creased and well used ones command less value. The Best of The Beezer was a quarterly publication reprinting comics strips from The Beezer. This advert is located in and around Newark, Nottinghamshire. Still not sure about Beezer? Seller: Stalowka38. var domn = "bookpalace"; Pretty much any issue of Action Comics from #1 through #100 is a scarce to rare comic book, and you can see values of them all by clicking here.. Action Comics values for #101-200 are here.. Other Superman rare comic books are listed lower down this page. Showing all 2 results. Whilst at this site you can view the history of British comics as well as individual histories of your favourite comics. var domn2 = ".com"; Concierge Service. BEEZER UK … var domn = "bookpalace"; Please note that although i try to add descriptions of condition. The Beezer (called The Beezer and Topper for the last 3 years of publication) was a British comic that ran from (issues dates) 21 January 1956 to 21 August 1993.. Like its sister comic, The Topper, The Beezer was an A3 publication, twice as big as most other comics.It shrank to A4 paper size in 1981.. Comics that merged into The Beezer during its 37-year run were Cracker in 1976, and Plug in 1979. Browse the Marvel comic series Marvelous Adventures of Gus Beezer & Spider-Man (2004). document.write('
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